Monday, June 7, 2010

Want to learn about Disk defragmentation and virtualization?

Guess who one of the industry experts is?  Catch this presentation THIS Thursday!

WNS213PAL: Virtual Server Performance Degradation: “What the Frag is Going Wrong!?”

Presented by: Stephen Deming; Michael Materie

Webcast Date: 6/10/2010

Webcast Start Time: 9:30 AM (Pacific)

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Level:  100

Partner Audience: Partner IT Professional

In the world of server virtualization, there are many factors for partners to consider when tuning for optimal performance; have you ever considered data fragmentation? When examining modern virtualization deployments, we see the trend of increasing virtual machine image density on the storage volumes. Whether it’s server consolidation, dynamic allocation, or Live Migration; fragmentation is occurring. And what about inside those virtual machine images? Is the guest OS still managing fragmentation? Join Diskeeper Corporation, Microsoft, and industry experts for a thorough discussion of fragmentation in your virtual server farm, architecture & configuration considerations, and tools to help address the challenges.

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