Thursday, June 3, 2010

First post of a new blog, and I'm not telling.

I'm starting a new blog, and I'm not telling anyone about it.

I decided to start another blog when sitting at the Kaseya conference and having some musings to write down, but realized I didn't have a blog to put it on. I've long had the Evolve blog, which was intended to write to our customers about customer issues, what would be useful in the SMB space, and things they should know.

I then did a series on virtualization, and I decided that I should break that out into its own blog, and thus was born. While it hasn't been as active recently, I have some thoughts on that too... And likely will syndicate content here that I like into that blog.

But as I mused about some stuff I had to say about the IT industry, it didn't fit any of the places I had to write in. I write sometimes on a baseball blog, and that didn't fit either.

So I'm starting another. This is the musings of an active IT channel member, and I won't restrict the content here. It might end up being life musings, or industry musings, or anything on my mind. The other sites will get more focused content, and I reserve the right to put something here AND there. You want a filter, don't subscribe to this one.

I'll also probably link here to other places I write and contribute - as a contributor to ChannelInsider, TechTarget, and CRN, that content goes there... But I tend to like that stuff a lot, so I will link to that content on those sites.

And to top this all off, I'm not planning to promote this. Sure, I'm going to link this to Facebook and Twitter, and I'll certainly publish it. But no blast emails, no announcements of a new blog, nothing like that. If you like my drivel, share it. If you think this is too much, read the sites I promote.

I Have A Rate For That was born at the Kaseya show when I said that on stage, and it was unrelated to the specific topic. Thus, this blog.

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