Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Giving up my laptop for an iPad?

I think I'm really close to being able to give up carrying a laptop on trips. 

I've been sticking to my iPad for the majority of my mobile work, and so far loving it.   Email, RSS, browsing, all work just as well on the iPad.  I do have a short list of things i can't do well.

Document editing.   All my stuff now lives either in SharePoint or in DropBox, so i can get to all my data and read anything.   I just can't edit it and put it back.  That is something i need fixed.

Instant Messaging.   I am a pretty heavy IM user, and between Skype, Windows Messenger, and AOL IM, I chat a lot.  Meebo covers a lot of that, but without multitasking, I'm either messaging or working, and that is kinda annoying.   I'm hoping the software upgrade fixes this complaint.

Blogging.  To my shock, I can't find a good blogging tool.   Sucks.

ConnectWise.   Despite making it work via Wyse PocketCloud to hosted desktop, I'm really itching to have this solved by a native app.

Presenting.   If I'm giving a presentation, I still feel I need a laptop.  While I can connect a VGA out to the iPad, using my iPhone as a remote just doesn't work for me.  I have a little presenter remote I rely on when giving a talk, and i still feel I need that setup when I'm presenting.  However, I might consider my net book in those cases now....   

But I'm close.   I'm really close to feeling like I don't need a laptop.

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