Monday, May 6, 2013

Am I getting bored with social media, or am I using it wrong?

I had this realization this weekend that I'm getting kinda bored with social media.

Maybe what is happening is I'm getting bored with my own social media presence, and maybe I'm using it wrong. I've never wanted to do two profiles, having profiles for personal and profiles for work. I've always thought the two are mixed, and in particular, I've always liked having a well rounded profile exposed to work people. This worked reasonably well when I had a smaller network, and there were less sites to manage.

Let's break this down by social media outlet.

Facebook is my "primary" one, and of late I feel like I'm not even getting content I want to see. By some obligation, I go there at least two or three times a day, but I don't feel like my news feed is actually giving me the stuff I care about. Maybe some of it is, but the whole interface is too slow to scan quickly, it focuses too much on stuff I don't feel I'm interested in, and the number of ads showing up in my feed is just insane (and even worse on mobile! Heaven forbid I try and read that there.

I like sharing things on Facebook -- that makes some sense to me, and seems to work rather well (at least, I think so), as people tend to like the stuff I post (meaning I get actual likes and comments, so some kind of engagement.

I've never gotten Twitter.  There, I admit it, I'm a social media "expert" who just doesn't get it.   If I thought Facebook had too much stuff I didn't care about, Twitter is even worse.    I try and be careful about who I follow, and thus not get too much info, but again, it's just this mass of stuff I never seem able to keep up with, and for something that's supposed to be about conversations I never seem to HAVE any conversations with people.   I've used automation to provide my stuff -- there, I admit it -- because I've never really figured it out.  Should I just follow less people?   Is it a matter of lists or something?  How do I get to just the stuff I want to see?

I want to like LinkedIn more than I do.   The feed seems useless to find out what anyone is actually doing, and the groups are just absolutely unmanageable.    I figured out how to make Foursquare (more on that in a moment) link to LinkedIn for just work-type places, and that seems really useful, but in terms of actually having meaningful interactions with people, what am I doing wrong?   I love it as a repository of who I work with and who I'm linked to -- but can it be a personal CRM too?   I can't link it to tasks (which I love, and use heavily, on my iOS devices synced with iCloud), but I can't link them to people very easily.  

Foursquare has been kinda interesting lately, mostly in that I like collecting checkins already, and now I can link to Facebook pretty easily, and collect a ton of them.  It's been really useful for exploring new places too (despite it's inability to find me a good coffee shop to work and try coffee in around my house).  I think I have the alerts up too high, because several other friends around me check in a lot too and it's just too much incoming information, but I think if I was just diligent I'd be able to clean that up. I got into Foursquare when they made the Facebook integration so good.

I admit I also like Untappd for beer (and linked to FB and 4SQ) because I like tracking what I tried (and can never remember what I like), the MLB At the Ballpark app because it also lets me link to 4SQ but collect the checkin in their app and see my game history.   There's one or two others that seem to work the same way, so when I think of them I use them. I think I like it because it's just a specialized "check in", and isn't in another place.  

Blogging is always something I've enjoyed doing but lack instant ideas.  I try and write something weekly for the corporate blog, and I just fired this back up because I didn't have a place to put it, but maybe I just need to develop a better writing habit.   Then the question comes up as to "Should I worry about sharing this, and if so, where".  Or do I have other things feed this blog?  (For instance, should I replicate my posts on the corporate blog here.  I mean, they're my words there too, and it seems silly to make people look for me in two places).

RSS Feeds I still love -- always have.   I love reading sites, and getting things in my Google Reader (soon to be something else) and in the Reeder app.  I feel like I can get information when I want it on the topics I want, and keep up.  I'm something of a completionist, so I like the fact I can catch up on all the stuff I missed since the last time I read.  

Where is the "main" one?  Should I have things feed into other things?  

And what about mood or time or intention?   Is that what I'm doing wrong with the integrated approach?  When I'm working, I want work information in front of me.  When I'm out having fun, I want to find others to have fun with, and share my fun.

I actually think I do a reasonable job of pushing OUT good content.   I try not to share crap, I try and be relevant, I try and connect others to good information, that kind of thing.  But when I'm looking for content, I feel like it's just too much and I'm not getting the stuff I'm looking for.  The end result is that I'm feeling bored -- or not engaged or not interested or whatever -- because I'm not getting enough of what I want out of it.  

I'm throwing this problem out there to see what I get back.  

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